Different Ways to Wear a Beret

Berets have long held a place in the history of fashion. Despite its worldwide reputation, the hat is most often associated with France. The disc-shaped hats were first mass-produced in France in 1810. Beret is a French word that used to describe a soft, round, flat hat that has no brim. Berets are usually made of wool, crocheted cotton or acrylic, and sometimes have a drawstring inside to tighten the hat. Berets have universal appeal for both men and women. They are comfortable to wear and are usually worn at an angle, but there is nothing wrong with wearing a beret in any way.

Now that you have known about a beret, you may want to know how to wear a beret to get the best effect. That depends on you. If you just want to wear it for fun, it’s really a matter of personal preference. If you pursue a fashion look, you need to consider whether your outfit and the hat go well with each other. I believe many of you are confused how to keep a beret and how to wear it correctly. Thus, I would like to introduce four ways to wear a beret.   

First, you should choose the right sized beret and one that is made of thick felt or wool that will keep you warm on fall and winter. The beret is neither too big that will look odd; and nor too small that you couldn’t keep it on your head. Make sure the beret you choose is the perfect size, shape and fabric to lay correctly on your head. The easy and straight way to wear a beret is to pull straight onto your head with the beret pulled down over your forehead. This is a very common way to wear a beret. This makes you look like a good girl. It seems that most girls would wear a beret like that. The outfit includes a striped t-shirt, jeans and a beige beret. The overall look is simple while the beret adds a different stylish vibe.

Second, some girls don’t want to be the same as the others, so they usually wear the beret on one side. In this way, the beret can cover more area of their face and add a mysterious feeling. Until it is freezing, they will pull the hat to their head. All you have to do is pull the beret straight on and then pull it slightly to one side.

Thirdly, this way is more like a beanie. If you feel a bit much for you when wearing your beret forward, you can pull it on the crown of your head, just wear it further back on your head. It looks less a beret and more beanie.

Lastly, if you don’t want your hair loose down, you can tie up it into a bun. Some girls are lazy to wash their hair, so this is a best way to cover your dirty hair. There is nothing more “French girl” inspired than wearing your beret with the signature French low messy bun. The only thing you need to twist your ponytail and secure it into a messy bun and then top with a beret.

Tips for a Perfect Beret Outfit

Beret is a well-known hat has been popular around for centuries. It dates back to the Bronze Age when it was worn by the poor, like farmers and artists. Gradually, the beret has gained popularity in many military and police units over the world. It is usually made of woven, hand-knitted wool, crocheted cotton, wool felt or acrylic fiber. The beret can really make a wardrobe, and when worn with certain styles it makes a beautiful and fashion statement. However, not all people can create a stylish look with wearing a beret, because some of you may be not know how to match the beret with your outfits in the best way.

The beret remains a classic item of French culture and has made its way into the fashion shows and become a must-have accessory for women’s outfits. So how to wear a beret with your outfit can make you look stylish and fashionable. This is a question about how you wear and match it with your clothes. The following are some ways to wear a beret with different outfits.

Such an outfit looks charming, but also reveals a hint of loveliness. The first thing to catch your eye is this white dress. This off-the-shoulder dress features small, long sleeves and a colorful stripe on the side. Over-the-knee boots are very fashionable and nearly steal the show. Last but not least, pair with a red beret, a pair of sunglasses and a necklace or two. Let you show grace and charm completely in spring and summer.

As the weather gets colder, girls who don’t feel like style needs to be sacrificed for warmth, check out this winter-approved outfit. This will keep you warm while also ensure you look as chic and stylish as ever. A purple merino turtleneck and a white shaggy faux fur jacket, pair with gloves and a white beret on your loose and natural hair. You can put on a pair of skinny white jeans and a pair of over-the-knee boots. Wear a pair of sunglasses and a crossbody purse to show a city girl style.

A black beret can match with your winter coat, which never looked so adorable. You can wear a pleated magenta top, jeans and boots, as well as a black beret. Let your hair loose and go for a natural with your makeup. This shows a confident city girl look and I’m sure you’ll be wearing again and again.

If you go for a perfect winter street-style outfit, you can check out this look. The gray wool beret goes well with this chunky turtleneck sweater and these gray gloves. Pair with jeans and over-the-knee boots, the whole collocation is perfect and stylish. It is perfect to wear in fall and winter. You may want to know how to wear like a fashionista. Some of you think it is hard to wear like a fashionista while this depends on yourself. What clothes you choose and the hat you wear decide your look. This tan beret is worn over curled hair and pairs with a pair of wire-rimmed sunglasses, which highlights the overall look. The deep navy sweater is tucked into a pair of high-rise jeans and is accessorized with a bag. The overall look is outstanding.

Ways to Wear a Beret Hat

The beret hat is back into people’s eyes as a fashion accessory, soaring in popularity after being featured in many fashion shows. Beret hat has been around for centuries, dating back to the Bronze Age, as discovered by archeologists who found traces of the flat hat inside tombs, as well as sculptures and paintings throughout Europe. The beret hat became the most common hat among the poorer classes before it gained popularity in political circles, even attaining integration into military uniforms. However, beret has achieved peak chic status in the 1920s when famous people like Ernest Hemingway, Lauren Bacall took to wearing it, making the beret a symbol of Parisian bohemianism.

Nowadays, the beret remains a classic representation of French culture and comes into the closets of fashionable people in the world. Some of you may be confused about how to position the beret or how to wear it in a proper way. You can adjust it yourself in different positions to find one that feels most natural to you. Wearing a beret is easy while it is difficult to fix it in the position. Thus, you can keep it secured with the help of some bobby pins. This is also a good way to make sure your hair won’t be messed up. As we all know, beret hats are not only worn with formal or semi-formal outfits, you can easily pair them with most of your casual clothes and they will upgrade your overall look.

The best way to wear a beret is to let your hair loose or go for a ponytail. It is hard to wear with a bun. Berets are not like other hats that are worn directly on the head; they tend to be worn off to one side. You can wear it in either a tilted or “full” style. Pay attention to the position of the beret on the head. It is better to place the beret on your head with the rim about a half-inch to an inch off your ears and 3/4 of the way up your forehead. The back of the beret should come down to the back of your neck. Push the brim up and under, and pull the edge fabric down and over so it doesn’t show. The brim of the beret is small and located on one side of the beret’s edge.

Position the beret is also important for your comfort. You should pull one side of the beret down and over your ear so it appears properly tilted. Through adjusting the beret until you find the best position to balance the hat and get a good look. There is no real way “correct” way to wear a beret. It’s just whatever you feel looks great and comfortable. If you want to create a more dramatic look, you can pull the beret down farther over the ear.

A beret can be worn with casual outfits or designer outfits. It depends on your preference and the style you like. You can just wear a beret with jeans and cool leather jacket for a stylish and artistic look. Or you can add a beret to your favorite blouse to bring out its color. Women often like to wear a fancy dress and stylish blouse, and add a beret to get a fashionable look.